The Home Recording Studio Desk

Setting up a home recording studio should be fun and exciting for you. This should be a time when you are reflecting on how you want your home studio to look and function.

You are setting up your personal recording studio space to be creative and surround yourself with the equipment and music you love.

There are many things you need to consider when setting up your home studio. Today we are going to talk about the home recording studio desk.

How Big Should My Recording Studio Desk Be?

A lot of people are curious about the options available to them for a home studio desk. There are many options available to you and you should consider the following when picking out a desk for your home studio.

How Much Space Is Available In My Home Studio

The Home Recording Studio Desk

I know you want a big cool desk. But, do you have the space available for a huge desk? Consider the size of your room and be sure and get the dimensions of the desk you are thinking about. Take a tape measure and measure out the size of the desk and lay out the measurements on your floor. This should help give you an idea if the desk you are thinking about will work in your studio space.

Also, you need to consider what other equipment you will have in your home recording studio setup. You may have a piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, amplifiers, microphones and stands.

Try to think where everything will be placed as you are planning your home studio setup.

If you are going to be recording or tracking vocals and instruments you may want to dedicate a special area for recording and a special area where you will be doing your production work at your desk.

What Is My Budget

When you are putting your home recording studio together it’s a good idea to create a working budget. I know some of you will think this is a waste of time or no fun, but, you will actually be able to get more gear without wasting money on what you do not need. Be sure and give this some thought.

If you blow all your money on a desk then you may still need money to buy that new condenser microphone, DAW software, or an audio interface.

It’s better to budget a set amount of money for each piece of gear you need and get all the gear you need. A budget is a very helpful tool.

How Much Equipment Will Be Going On Your Studio Desk

So chances are you already have some gear that you are planning on putting on your home studio desk. Think about where you will put this equipment on your new desk. This will help you determine the size of desk that will work for you.

What Equipment Goes On A Home Recording Studio Desk?

Well If you are like me then you probably want to put as much cool equipment on your desk as it will hold. I know I’m supposed to be the voice of reason here but Dang.. I sure do like my cool gear!

Let me make some suggestions that may help you decide what will work for you. I’m not saying this is what you have to have. Everyone is different and different recording studios serve different functions.

Here are some things that you may like to have on your home studio desk.

  • Mac Mini or Mini PC
  • Laptop Computer
  • Desktop Computer Next To Your Desk
  • Smart Tv For A Computer Monitor
  • Audio Interface
  • Midi Keyboard
  • Keyboard For Your Computer
  • Small Lamp (Has To Be Cool)
  • Table Top Microphone
  • Studio Monitors
  • Midi Controllers
  • Mixer
  • Preamps
  • Compressors
  • Cool Gadgets To Inspire You
  • A Post It Note Reminding You To Get Some Sleep (Seriously)

You can put anything on your studio desk that you like. It’s yours and you should set it up in a way that gives you joy and inspiration. This is just a list to help spark your imagination and give you useful ideas.

Video Credit: Andrew Masters

Should My Midi Keyboard Go On My Studio Desk?

I personally love having my midi keyboard on a pull out slider tray at my studio desk. I think this is slicker than grease on a monkeys tail. Especially, if your midi keyboard is set up to control your DAW Software.

Need to punch in on a recording, lay down some orchestra strings, pump out a base line, or drop a beat. It’s all right there at your fingertips and ready to go. I’m not a trained keyboard player but I’m still able to do a lot of really cool things with a midi keyboard.

The Home Recording Studio Desk

Some folks like to have the midi keyboard on the desktop and some like to have the midi keyboard to the left or right at a 90 degree angle.

Again, It’s your studio and you should set things up in a way that works best for you.

Should My Studio Monitors Sit On My Desk?

I worked for many years with my studio monitors sitting on the far left and right corners of my studio desk. There is nothing wrong with this approach. I do recommend you put your studio monitors on isolation stands like the Iso Puck mini’s or foam pads if you are putting your studio monitors on your desktop. The Iso Puck Mini’s are a very good product.

There is another school of thought that says your monitors will perform better if they are isolated on their own stands and off of the studio desk. I can totally agree with this concept. However, I see many professional engineers working with monitors on the desk top also.

I will leave this choice up to you. Do what works for the space and budget you have.

The worse thing you can do is nothing at all. If you can’t afford monitor stands today or if you don’t have room for monitor stands don’t worry about it. It’s not the end of the world.

The Home Recording Studio Desk

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Home Studio Desk?

You have a large selection of home studio desk available to you today. You can find quality home recording studio desk at most online music store retailers.

I will provide more information on this later.

Time To Take Action

If you like playing music, writing music, recording, mixing and producing music then you are in the right place. I like to provide you with good information that will help you along your journey.

If you are interested in a good home recording studio desk I hope this article was helpful to you. Put together a plan and take action. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

I believe if you have read this far than you have a great desire to get your home studio up and running. You have a desire to learn and succeed. Be sure and check out some of my other articles as they will help you move forward.

If you have questions or comments please leave them below. I’m happy to help any way I can.



6 thoughts on “The Home Recording Studio Desk”

  1. Looking at Billie Eilish success and her genius brother, I have been encouraged to create my own home studio. I am quite on a budget and your post was very helpful. Thank you! I will place my midi keyboard to the right at a 90 degree angle. It’s really comfortable for me there.

    • Yes.  Success really can happen from your home recording studio. I think a lot of artist and producers feel more comfortable and can create better projects from their own studio.  

      You are a 90 degree angle midi keyboard kind of gal and I like my midi keyboard straight ahead.  This just goes to show everyone is different and it’s important to do what works for you.

      Being on a budget is a smart play when you are setting up your own home studio.  This forces you to think about strategy and getting the most out of your hard earned dollar.

      I have another article you may be interested in: Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor – Big Bang For The Buck.  Be sure and check this article out if you are looking for a good pair of studio monitors for your home recording studio desk.

  2. I really appreciate reading this. As a musician myself, putting together a studio at home, even to a small capacity is something I’ve been wondering how to go about doing. I have some connections with some sound engineers who record artists, but I would love to do something more frequently without having to wait till I can pay for a studio session.

    I’ve also been inspired by artists who started off recording themselves, and it’s cool to see how to go about actually doing that.

    • Thanks for stopping by Fyne.  Today it is easier than ever to get started with your own home recording studio setup.  The gear is more affordable and available. 

      For me, I think a home studio makes sense because you have the equipment you need to do a great recording when inspiration hits you.  

      I put together an article: Yamaha HS8 Powered Studio Monitor – Excellent Quality that you may find interesting.

      If you have your own home recording studio you will find you are playing your instrument, using your vocal, and fine tuning your mixing skills more which ups your skills.

  3. I found this to be quite interesting for me because while growing up I pretty much surrounded myself with music. I went from singing in the professional school chorus to being on stage sometimes by myself, sometimes with a band. Out of the recording studios that I have been in, only one was professional. I remember us soundproofing a room with the big egg crates, lol. Anyway, I really enjoyed the video, too.

    • I’m glad you liked the article Siobhan41.  I think successful people surround themselves with the things and people that inspire them and encourage them. 

      The home recording studio desk is kind of the cornerstone of your studio and it’s good to put a little thought into what style studio desk will work best for your room.

      I have another article you might enjoy: What Is A Studio Monitor.  This article talks about studio monitors and the best way to choose a good set of studio monitors.


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