Steinberg Cubase

You may be wondering, “What Is Steinberg Cubase?”

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There is nothing better than having a great conversation with people you like and have things in common with wouldn’t you agree? Today we are going to continue talking about DAW software and in specific, Steinberg Cubase.

What Is Cubase?

For those of you who are new to production you may be wondering what Cubase is. Or, you might have heard about Cubase but want to learn more about the software.

Steinberg Cubase

Cubase is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software used to capture and edit your recording projects.

Lets say you are a drummer and you want to record yourself practicing a song you are working on so you can listen to yourself and make improvements where needed. You can mic up your drums, run your microphones through your audio interface and into your DAW. which in this case is Cubase.

Let’s say.. You and your friends want to record some original music you are writing and want to mix and produce the music yourself. Again, all you need to do is mic up, run the different instruments through your audio interface and create your tracks in Cubase. See where I’m going here? Pretty cool!

The thing that is really cool is that you can mess up as much as needed while perfecting your music without costing you a fortune in studio time. Just do another take, punch in on the fly for just two bars after the bridge, or add another instrument. You can do whatever you want.

This should give you an idea of what Cubase is all about.

Who makes Cubase?

A company named Steinberg Media Technologies created Cubase in 1989 and it originally was built to run on Atari systems. Currently Steinberg is owned by Yamaha and Cubase can operate on Mac or PC platforms.

Steinberg has a rich history in the development of audio and midi software and hardware.

Above we talked about audio interfaces. Steinberg creates some great audio interfaces to help you transform your analog instruments and vocals from your favorite microphones into digital signals that your DAW understands.

Where Can I Buy Cubase?

Most all major musical instrument retail shops carry Cubase.

When Should I Get Cubase Or DAW Software?

DAW software is a must if you want to set up your own home recording studio. It is a big part of the core and a great place to start learning how to track and mix. Pick any DAW software you like. They are all pretty good and you will need a DAW to get started.

You will need a computer, DAW, an instrument of choice, a microphone, an audio interface, headphones, studio monitors are nice but not necessary, midi keyboard is nice but not necessary, a desk of some sort, and a chair.

It’s OK to start out with what you already have. Be smart and learn the gear you already have. If your just starting out you don’t have to buy the most expensive gear.

Put yourself on a budget and plan your purchases. You will get far better results and be happier with your purchases when you do a little research and purchase within your means.

Why Do I Need DAW Software?

As I mentioned earlier, DAW software is part of the main core of your recording setup. Your computer and audio interface are the other main components needed.

DAW software allows you to track in your different instrument and vocal parts and then edit and mix the parts together. It’s a digital mixing board if you will.

You can create a piano track, lay down your vocal track, drop in a beat or record your drums, lay in some smooth guitar and bass, and next thing you know you got yourself a little tune you made all on your own.

Steinberg Cubase

Now it’s time to mix all your tracks together to make everything sound they way you like it.

These days all DAWs come with built in EQ, effects, compressors, reverb, delay, you name it! There are some awesome DAWs in todays retail market.

There Has Never Been A Better Time For Home Studios

There has Never been a better and more affordable time to set up your own home recording studio. Hit records are produced all the time from home studios. Why? Because it’s a huge money saver.

Now don’t get me wrong. On the flip side, there is nothing cooler than going into a pro recording studio with all the fixings! There is nothing more incredible than seeing a full orchestra micked up with some of the worlds best musicians laying down some incredible smooth tracks!

Some kids wanted to go to Disney Land. I Just wanted to go check out Abbey Road or any recording studio in New York, LA, or Nashville.

These kind of studios cost a kings ransom and the engineers that develop and operate these studios can make a $500 dollar home studio startup sound like a million bucks.

It’s all in the technique and knowing your gear.

That’s A Wrap

I really enjoy writing these articles and I hope you enjoy them too. Remember to have fun with your studio and learn all you can. If you have questions or want to share a story, drop them in the comments below or shoot me an email. I’m happy to help any way I can.

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6 thoughts on “Steinberg Cubase”

  1. Hello Mitch, I’m pleased to meet you. I’m very happy to have read about all things that have to do with playing, writing, recording, producing, and mixing all the goodness of music together, as you outlined. I’m thrilled to have read what Cubase is and where I can buy it. This is very interesting and organized. Thank you very much for sharing. Be safe.

    All the best!

  2. I have still never actually had the pleasure of testing one of these bad boys out. But I have a few friends that have them and swerar by them. They are apparently good for things like busiking as they are very portable so perfect for the Job. Maybe soon I will treat myself and buy one of these babies.

    • Hi Kwidzin,  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to drop a comment.  

      You definitely need to get on the DAW bus and try out some new software.  I know sometimes money can be an issue and sometimes we’re just afraid to try new things. 

      One retailer I like to use is zZounds. They have a four month payment plan with no credit check.  You can make your first payment and they will ship you the gear and you can enjoy your gear while you pay with no interest.  Most times you get free shipping too. No one else does this to my knowledge.

      If you do not like the gear you can return it for a refund or try something different.  check them out sometime.  You will be glad you did.  

  3. Very interesting article!  I read your About Me page and then came back to this page again as I would really love to set up a home studio on a budget.  I will check out the companies you mention here.

    I’ve used Cubase personally, but it’s been a while since I’ve done anything music-wise.  However, last week, I had 3 dreams in over three nights.  All to do with music equipment.  Then I’ve come across your site.  God must be trying to get my attention.

    I also love being in and around studios – it’s like being in your element isn’t it?  Let’s know when you research gear from the UK as that’s where I live.

    Meanwhile, I’m bookmarking your site.

    • Hi Stella,  I’m glad you like the article on Steinberg Cubase.  Cubase is a good daw software and will be a good pick for a home studio.  It’s important to consider what kind of music production you will be doing.  Some people just record live instruments and some people create music using virtual instruments.

      If your are more into midi and virtual instruments then you will want the ability to edit midi functions such as modulation and expression. Cubase offers good control on the midi side of things also.

      I’ll be sure and keep you updated with a good buying source in the UK.

      I hope you your dreams come true and you get to set up your home studio.




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