PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional – Great New Features

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Hi everyone and welcome to Home Recording Studio Setup. Today I want to talk with you about DAW’s, (Digital Audio Workstations). If you have a home studio or are planning on setting up a home studio the DAW will be one of your primary components.

There are several different DAW’s that you can choose from. Honestly they are all pretty good. Some are better than others for certain functions such as being able to edit midi functions like modulation and expression and key notes.

If your not sure what these midi functions are don’t worry. We will be discussing midi in another article.

Today I want to talk with you about PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional.

Who Makes Studio One 5 Professional?

Studio One DAW Software

PreSonus Audio Electronics makes the Studio One software. PreSonus started making professional grade audio equipment in 1995.

The main goal was to make pro gear at an affordable price. I think they have come a long way through the years and have turned out some great hardware and software.

I don’t want to go too much into PreSonus history. That could be a complete article in its self. I do think it’s important to acknowledge their longevity in the audio development arena and that their products are very good. Thank you PreSonus!

What is Studio One Software Used For?

Studio one software is a DAW platform used to record your instruments and vocals. This is called tracking. You can plug your instruments directly into your DAW interface (audio interface), or you can capture instruments and vocals through your microphones that plug into your DAW interface.

Once you have created your different tracks for your instruments and vocals you can edit and mix your tracks within Studio One.

So if you have a keyboard you can plug it directly into your audio interface and capture your keyboard parts. If you have a guitar you can mic up your amp and record directly into your audio interface. Same with vocals and any instruments you want to use to create your own music.

If you like to create your own drum tracks with midi or you like to use virtual instruments and edit your midi tracks Studio One 5 Professional has some great new features for editing things like modulation, expression and key notes.

Studio one also has a mastering suite included in the professional version. Once your song is mixed the way you want it’s time to create a master track of your song so you can share it with the world. Pretty Cool!

Where Can I Get Studio One Software?

You can find Studio One Software at most online music retail shops.

I will add more on this later.

When Should I Get Studio One Software or DAW Software?

If you want to write and record your own music, produce and mix music, or make your own beats then you will most definitely need DAW software.

If you already have a computer that is less than 3 or 4 years old then chances are pretty good you can run DAW software on your current computer. You need to be aware that some DAW software is made strictly for a Mac and some is made strictly for PC.

The good news is the most current version of Studio One 5 Professional will run on Mac or PC.

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

If you have a PC you need the following:

Intel Core i3 / AMD Quad-core or higher, 8GB RAM or more recommended, 40GB drive space and windows 10 or later.

If you have a Mac you need the following:

Intel Core i3 or higher, 8GB RAM or more recommended, 40GB drive space and macOS 10.13 or later

DAW software is part of your core recording setup. If you already have a computer then i recommend trying to use the computer you have to start out. There is a real good chance you will want to upgrade your computer as you become more advanced.

If you have the funds available and you are serious about setting up your own home studio then I do recommend a dedicated computer for your DAW software. We will talk more about computers in another article.

If you are just starting out then try to use what you already have. See if you like recording, producing and mixing your own music. I’m pretty sure you will love it if you are reading this article.

Why Should I Choose Studio One Software?

I like Studio One because it is a start to finish software with many great features and is also very simple to use. Studio One is also very affordable. I believe the professional version runs around $399. This is a phenomenal price for a complete DAW software.

Studio One Professional DAW Software

I remember when Pro Tools first came out. It was the price of a used car! I wanted Pro Tools soo much back in the day. It was not possible for most people to own Pro Tools or any other DAW software when the digital age first came about. DAW software has come a long way over the years and is now affordable for everyone. This means we can make our own music at home my friends!

I do want to go back to something I said earlier in this article. There are other great DAW platforms out there. I’m not saying Studio One is the only choice you should make. My intent is to help inform you and you can choose what works best for you in your home studio.

I do highly recommend Studio One. They have several versions available: Studio One Prime is free for you to try out and see if you like it. Studio One Artist runs around $100 if you want to try more of the features. Studio One Professional is the full version with all the valuable tools at your finger tips.

Time To Take Action

If you love writing, playing and producing music or if you are just starting out this will be a good website for you to connect and learn. I think the best thing you can do is get started. Learn all you can and have lots of fun along the way.

Some of the best relationships I’ve had through the years were with people I’ve played and recorded music with.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions or need help just leave a comment. I will do my best to help any way I can.



6 thoughts on “PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional – Great New Features”

  1. So im a streamer/youtuber. I only make short videos here and there on a time to time basis but do you think personally. This studio equipmemt would be perfect for a youtube video or streaming on twitch in general. Or is this only in use for the music prodcution. 

    I have been looking at some studio equipment especially mixers because mixers can make the audio quality go from 0  to 10 just by a press of a button. This mixer does looking interesting and has a lot of features. Would you reccomend this to a streamer/youtuber?

    • Great point that you make and the answer is yes. Studio One is a great tool to edit your audio for video.  In fact Studio One has a video player that will time sync to your video projects just for this purpose.

        You can import your video into Studio One and add some eq and maybe a little compression to balance and smooth your audio.

      Studio one makes it easy to add some background music or sound effects to your video projects.  This is a great way to edit and mix your audio for video.


  2. As a Music lover and musician, it really is quite hard sometimes not to ogle over equipment like this. I still have an old Four Track recorder. But it’s high time I got some decent equipment like this bad boy. Thanks for sharing this article. It has most certainly been a pleasure to read it.

    • Hi Kwidzin and thanks for stopping by.  I agree with you.  I like to check out all the new equipment available today.  That’s why I started Home Recording Studio Setup.

      The old four track recorders work to get basic tracks going.  I have used them in the past and I know they do lack sound quality.  I highly encourage you to pick out a DAW that works for you and your budget.  I promise you wont be disappointed. 

      Studio One 5 Professional is a great choice.  The price is very good and you get a full DAW setup with video capture to edit sound for video, midi editing suite, step sampler editing for your drum machines, full effects, and it also comes with a complete mastering suite.  You really can’t go wrong with Studio One.

      It’s funny..  Studio One 5 Professional cost less today than my four track recorder did 20 years ago.  It’s a no brainer as they say!

      Let me know if you have questions I’m always happy to help.



  3. Wow, I don’t know much about music but this software seems to be worth the investment. I want to work with a daw that will give me quality. I have been searching around for the right product based on my budget and I believe that Studio One Professional should be given a try.

    • Hi Norman,  Studio One Professional will definitely give you the quality you are looking for and at one of the best prices on the market.

      These are the two main reasons I like Studio One Professional.  If you are looking for an excellent DAW Software at a great price then this is the one.  Be sure and check it out.


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