How Can I Get More Mixing Clients?

So, you want to know, “How Can I Get More Mixing Clients?” If you have a home recording studio and want to build your client list, I think this article will be very beneficial to you. Let’s look at the most effective ways to build your client list.

How Can I Get More Mixing Clients?

If you want to build more clients for your recording studio, then you must be Active in the music community. Visit local performance venues and talk with the musicians, venue owners, and other sound engineers. Build your own website and blog with great content that benefits others and displays your works. Volunteer your time to work with other successful professionals. You can also offer your services on Fiverr, Upwork, and Soundbetter. Contact bands that you would enjoy working with on Bandcamp and Soundbetter. Be present and helpful on social media. The number one thing you need to do is build relationships, be genuine and be helpful.

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The Top 10 Ways To Get More Mixing Clients

1. Build A Website And Blog

A Website for your business is a great way to connect with clients and potential clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The more people you can get your business in front of the more clients you will have.

Learn to build a website that attracts visitors from the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

A website in itself won’t do much unless people can find it.

A website that is properly set up with great content will attract hundreds or thousands of people daily.

Imagine what that could do for your small business.

2. Networking

Networking is simply connecting with people in the music business.

If you know two or three other people in the business call them and see what’s new.

Talk with them about the projects you are working on.

Be genuine, build the relationship.

By simply having a conversation you may discover new contacts that you can network with.

Rinse and Repeat.

3. Build Strong Relationships

Build strong relationships with the people that you network with and new people that you discover.

Get together over lunch or coffee and have genuine conversations with these people.

This will be a good time to offer your expertise and share ideas.

When you are genuine and show a real interest and concern then ideas and opportunities start to present themselves.

4. Volunteer Your Time To Work With Other Professionals

Make yourself available to work with other people in your business.

What you perceive as your rival may turn out to be your strongest allies.

You can volunteer your time, experience, and resources to collaborate on projects and also learn many things that can help you down the road.

Sure, you want to make money but sometimes you have to give a little to make money and build your client list.

5. Build Up A Portfolio

Build a portfolio of the works that you have done.

A great place to put this portfolio is on your website.

People can listen to some of your mixes and different projects that you have been a part of on your website.

A portfolio is a great way to display your talents and skills and builds credibility.

Share your journey and stories with the world on your website and blog.

People love that and this starts building relationships and trust.

6. Build An Email List

Start building an email list.

A great way to do this is with your website.

You can offer a free newsletter or some sort of free informational tutorial for artist that people can sign up for.

Send out a monthly newsletter or a weekly newsletter offering great information.

This gives you a resource of people that you can network with that trust you.

You can also offer your services in your newsletter, encourage people to use you and your studio as a tool and resource, and gain new clients.

7. Apply For Jobs Online

There are online services like and Media Match that offer jobs in recording.

You can sign up and find jobs that you can work on from your home studio.

This is a great way to get started, polish your skills, and build a portfolio.

8. Offer Your Services Online

There are online services like Fiverr, Upwork, and SoundBetter where you can offer your services as a media creator or mix and master engineer.

You simply become a member, and this will give you huge exposure to the type of people who are looking for your expertise.

You get paid by each project that you do.

This is a really good way to get started, improve your skills, meet new contacts, and build a portfolio.

9. Social Media

Social Media is a good way to connect with other people in the industry and connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Start building a professional presence on social media.

This is a great place to share your stories, offer advice, and provide great information to the public.

This is also a great place to offer your services and create a sign up for your email list.

10. Record Bands Or Artist For Free

If you are just getting started this may be a good approach for you.

If you have never tracked, mixed, and mastered a band before you may offer your services for free to cut your teeth.

You can work with an artist or a band and let them know you could do one song free for them or something like that.

The problem with throwing around the word FREE is that it may imply to some that you have no experience or skill.

Just be upfront with people and let them know you are trying to get started and you would like to offer your expertise.

Build Your Own Website And Blog

I think the number one thing you can do for your business is to create a website and blog.

Build Your Own Website And Blog

This way people can find your recording studio online and listen to your portfolio, book time, and take advantage of your products and services.

The more people you can expose to your studio and talent the more clients you will have.

This is a great way to network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Put your portfolio on your website and learn how to market your website so it gets exposure in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Billions of people use the search engines every day around the world.

The people who are using the search engines are looking for information.

How about you build a website with great articles providing the information people are looking for?

I know for a fact that these same people looking for information are also potential clients.

What if you could learn how to get your website in front of these people every day?

Let’s say someone does a search for the best way to record a vocal.

They type this question into a search engine and BAM… your website pops up offering the answer to their question.

This person clicks on your website and gets the answer they are looking for and they also notice that you have a home studio and a great portfolio.

They may sign up for your free email newsletter or contact you about your services.

There are many different services you can offer online today, and you should be a part of the online world if you want to grow your business.

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Online Music Collaboration Sites

Another great place to network, explore, and meet new connections is the different Music Collaboration website available on the internet.

I’m sure you are aware that in today’s world it’s possible to work with other musicians, songwriters, singers, producers, and engineers around the world.

I mean, how cool is that?

We truly live in a great and unique time for creating and producing music.

Some of the different music collaboration sites are:







Social Media

If you are interested in meeting and working with an unlimited resource of musicians and engineers, be sure and check out some of these music collaboration sites.

Online Services That Allow You To Mix For Clients

We mentioned some of the online services available where clients will search out your talents.

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Soundbetter allow you to sign up with them and make your talents available for their paying clients.

Don’t underestimate these services.

This is a great place to get started and start building your portfolio.

You will gain tons of experience, polish your people skills, time management, and can grow your business online.

The more satisfied clients you get the more people will be willing to pay for your services and the more work you will receive.

Be sure and check these services out.

Streaming Services That Allow You To Contact The Band

Another great way to reach out to bands that you are interested in is by going to online streaming services like BandCamp and SoundCloud.

You can go to these two streaming services and listen to different bands.

If you find bands that you are interested in, you can email them.

BandCamp and SoundCloud provide you with the bands email contact.

The other streaming services do not do this.

You could drop them a note and introduce yourself and let them know about your studio, your particular skill set and how you may be able to work together.

Network with different bands.

Ask them to check out your website and listen your portfolio, blog, and services.

Be genuine and start building relationships.

What Others Are Saying

Direct QuoteSource
“With all those free recordings and mixes you did for people, in the beginning, use them in your portfolio. A simple Soundcloud playlist will do fine. This will allow you to reach out to new clients and be able to show them what you can deliver. If they like it and want to work with you, you can now start charging for your service.”
“There are many ways to contact bands and artists online. What I have found worked best is by sending an email. You can easily find a bands email by either going to their Facebook page or if you are using Bandcamp you can sometimes be lucky if they have it connected there too.”
“Get your portfolio started, get a few positive quotes you can share, and start targeting a smaller clientele base instead of trying to appeal to everyone. It takes time, the only thing that really gets you new clients is word of mouth from previous ones. Just start slow and be sure to always do a solid job if you agree to a gig.”
“If you are looking for artists to mix and master for, if you aren’t signed, you’re technically an independent contractor. how you market your craft is up to you. business cards or flyers left in studios are how my boss has found many of her clients.”
“Those who learn how to become an entrepreneur AND a producer (AKA Entreproducer) are the ones who will have the most success over the next decade.”
“Think about all of the websites designed to help artists and bands get their music out and gain exposure: Reverbnation, Noisetrade, Bandcamp, etc. All of these have something in common: they link to social media extremely well and filled with bands and artists.”
“One of the most important things that someone has ever told me is “don’t be afraid to help people, even if you’re not the best… there will always be someone better.” The same is especially true for mixing and mastering.”
“Content marketing is a great way to prove value to your leads and start building a relationship before you ever even meet. Think of your ideal customer. What is their biggest problem? Now, create content designed to help them solve that problem. When they search for the solution—BAM—there you are, like a gift from Google.”

Final Thoughts

So, How Can I Get More Mixing Clients?

Well for me I think the number one thing you should consider is creating a website and blog with some really good content.

If you provide a website with problem solving content this creates a natural way to meet and help other people in the entertainment industry.

Your website is a great tool for building relationships, trust, shows off your expertise and skill and is a great place to post your portfolio for others to listen to your works.

I would say secondly the online streaming, collaboration, and paid gig sites are an excellent source for new online clients.

More and more people are using these online services.

Ultimately it will be up to you to decide how you want to achieve gaining new clients.

This article will give you some very good places to get started.

If you are interested in learning how to properly build and market a website and blog, you can check out some free training on my Promote page here.

If you like writing, playing, mixing, and producing music then you are in the right place.

Take a minute to have a look around my website.

You will find lots of great information to get you moving in the right direction.

Feel free to leave your questions and helpful comments below.

6 thoughts on “How Can I Get More Mixing Clients?”

  1. Getting more clients is at the tops of the list of any business that wants to survive, and it is especially important if you are in the music business and are looking for more mixing clients. I do think that creating your portfolio is the first step. And then networking and building strong relationships are the next steps to establishing your music business. 

    Some artists might not realise that building a website could propel them into the next level. A website means a musician can share so much more. I will be sharing this post with my nephew who is a guitarist and always looking for ideas to increase his reach and getting more clients. 

    • I agree.  A website does allow you to share so much more of yourself and your business and provides a great place for your portfolio, available services, and recommended products.  

  2. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about get more mixing clients. Actually, I think the best way to do this is to create a website and blog. And social media is also a good method. Because today many people are active on social media. Keep posting like this. I will definitely share this.

    • I’m glad you like the article.  I think if you want more clients to mix for you should have a good portfolio and put it on a website that is built correct and gets lots of visitors every day that are interested in the service and products that you offer.  Yes, you can also link all of your social media to your website.  The key is to be active, helpful, and have good products and services. 

  3. Some great ideas to get more clients for your recording business here. I thought it a great idea to offer your mixing services for free so that you can not only practice but also get known in the industry. People are only willing to pay if they know you can do the job well, and what better way to get known, especially if you ask your free clients to provide you with reviews.

    • You can work for free for some of your clients if you like or you can offer to do one song for free.  You don’t have to work for free but perhaps a discounted rate.  It’s important that you make some money for your time.  If you have a website, ask your customers to leave a comment or a review on your website sharing their experience.  


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