Do Producers Use Studio One?

If you are thinking about purchasing PreSonus Studio One’s DAW you may be wondering, “Do Producers Use Studio One?” Let’s take a look at PreSonus Studio One Professional and look at some of the cool features included with Studio One.

Do Producers Use Studio One?

If you are thinking about purchasing Studio One Professional as your main DAW you may be wondering do producers use Studio One and can I use it to create pro level productions. The answer is Yes, Producers use Studio One Professional to create and compose music, mix, compose and mix to film, create with virtual instruments, and master their tracks. Studio One is a great DAW software package that you can use to create and mix all of your music production projects. It’s important to take the time to learn how to use your DAW software properly. Studio One Professional has a quick work flow and is a complete platform.

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Is Studio One An Industry Standard?

A lot of musicians and producers use PreSonus Studio One Professional.

Studio One is not an industry standard required tool but will do more than the current leading industry standard brand.

Studio One Professional will do any function you need in the recording studio and has a much quicker workflow with features like “Drag and Drop”, and the “Chord Track”, that can tell you what chords are being used and make chord suggestions to give you creative ideas.

A lot of recording studios use Pro Tools and Pro Tools may be looked at as the industry standard.

I can tell you that Pro Tools is not very user friendly and cost more than Studio One.

There are many different DAW software packages available today.

If you are new to using DAW software, there will be a learning curve with any DAW and you should spend the time to learn how to get the most out of your DAW software.

What Are Some Weaknesses Of PreSonus Studio One?

Every DAW software has its strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the reported weaknesses by different users on the internet.

1. Some users report that Studio One has a cluttered interface and mix console.

I use Studio One and do not find it cluttered at all. I find it very strategically laid out and easier than most DAW interfaces to use.

Especially, with the Drag and Drop Feature.

2. Some users report that Studio One has a short list of built in Virtual Instruments.

Studio One Professional currently comes with five different virtual instrument packages. While this may not seem like a lot of virtual instruments, most people do not buy DAW software based on how many virtual instruments it comes with.

If you want to use virtual instruments, Studio One Professional makes it super easy to incorporate any virtual instrument you want to use.

You will find it is easier to use virtual instruments with PreSonus Studio One DAW software than any other DAW software.

Simply purchase any virtual instrument you want and load it into your computer. Studio One will automatically recognize the virtual instrument and make it readily available for use inside of Studio One Professional.

When you want to use the virtual instrument all you need to do is find the instrument in the instruments list and drag and drop the virtual instrument into your project.

Studio One will then make all the connections for you. All you need to do is start creating music with the virtual instruments of your choice.

I like to use virtual instruments like EastWest Sounds, Spitfire Audio, UJAM and some others and have zero issues with compatibility.

3. Some users report that Studio One does not have some popular plugins that come with other DAW software packages.

Studio One Professional comes with a large list of plugins for audio processing and effects.

You will have all the effects and audio processing tools you need to make high quality audio tracks.

Studio One Professional also comes with a licensed version of Melodyne.

We all have our favorite effects and audio processing tools. If the tools that come with Studio One Professional do not meet your requirements, then you can easily add your favorites to Studio One Professional.

PreSonus Studio One Fat Channel Effects

Is Studio One Good For Making Beats?

If you are considering purchasing Studio One Professional you may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For Making Beats?

The answer is YES! Studio One makes it super easy to get started making your own beats.

Studio One Professional comes with Impact. Impact allows you to choose from hundreds of different drum loop sounds.

Simply select Impact from the instrument drop down menu and drag and drop impact into your session.

Now click on the edit menu and you can program your drums however you want. Just select the drums you want to use inside of Impact, and you can manually edit the way you want your drums to sound.

If you do not find the drum sounds in Impact to your taste you can choose from a huge loop library through PreSonus or you can purchase any virtual drum instrument you like and use them with Studio One Professional.

Studio One Professional Impact XT and Drum Editor

Is Studio One Good For Film Scoring?

If you like to compose for film and video, you may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For Film Scoring?

The answer is YES. Simply import your video or film clip into Studio One Professional.

You can watch your film or video clip inside Studio One and compose and mix your music in real time to your video clip.

Studio One Professional has Musical Editor Views that can be selected on a per-track basis, so you can switch between the Score View, Drum View, and the conventional Piano Roll View—or look at the same note data in different Views, all at the same time!

Your custom scores can be printed directly from Studio One.

Studio One Professional has staff presets that make it quick and easy to create lead sheets by automatically setting up the track name, clef, staff type, and appropriate transposition for each instrument.

Scores created in Studio One can be sent to Notion and vice versa.

Is Studio One Good For Recording Vocals?

You may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For Recording Vocals? The answer is Yes!

Studio One Professional gives you all the tools you need to make excellent vocal recordings.

Tools like parametric eq, reverb, compression and delay are all available inside of Studio One.

You even get a licensed copy of Melodyne with Studio One Professional for any pitch correction that may be necessary. Melodyne can also be used to create unique effects for vocal tracks.

While a good DAW software will be needed to create and mix vocal tracks, having good hardware like condenser microphones, and a good audio interface will help you complete your projects to sound their very best.

Relevant Article: PreSonus Studio One Review. Be sure and check out my full review on Studio One.

Is Studio One Good For Mixing?

If you are considering PreSonus Studio One Professional for you next DAW you may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For Mixing?

The answer is a resounding Yes.

There is more to creating good mixes than just your DAW software.

The biggest part of getting a good mix is making sure you are getting crystal clear recordings of what you will be putting together in your mix.

Thankfully you can depend on Studio One Professional for high quality recordings and the ability to mix unlimited tracks of audio, MIDI, and virtual instruments.

You are only limited by your computers processing power.

Studio One Professional gives you unlimited tracks to work with.

Is Studio One Good For EDM?

If you like to produce EDM style music you may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For EDM?

Studio One Professional comes with a large selection of loop samples and has a unique drag and drop function that makes it super easy to create your favorite styles of music quickly and easily.

Under the browse section of Studio One you can select loops and audition the loops right on the spot. When you find a loop you like, simply drag and drop it into your project.

It doesn’t get any easier to create projects with loops and virtual instruments.

If you want to create your music with live instruments, it’s super easy to connect your instrument to Studio One with your Audio Interface or mixer.

Simply create a new track, arm the track for recording and press record.

Studio One Professional makes it super easy to create EDM music with MIDI, loops, virtual instruments, and live instruments.

Is Studio One Good For Composing?

If you like to do traditional scoring you may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For Composing? The answer is YES.

Studio One Professional has its own score view and scoring software called Notion.

Notion allows you to do traditional scoring and you can open a new window just for your score notation.

Studio One Professional will then create the instrument parts for you based on the instruments you select, your key signature, and set tempo.

You have a huge advantage with Studio One Professional if you like to do traditional scoring.

Working with complex orchestral libraries means managing complicated articulations.

Studio One provides the next level in articulation support with Sound Variations.

Composing With Virtual Instruments and Studio One Professional

You’ll get the most out of the complex virtual instruments and orchestral libraries that are essential for modern composers.

You can incorporate and write with some of the best virtual instruments available on the market today like EastWest Sounds, Spitfire Audio, Komplete, and any other VST you want to use.

You can view multiple tracks simultaneously in a single Score View to work on voicing, or use Score View to edit one track while using Piano View or Drum View to edit others.

The Score View can be detached from the Arranger window allowing you to view the same note data in different Views.

In addition to traditional notation, both drum notation and tablature options are provided.

You can view multiple staves at once to work on voicing, or view just one track at a time.

Is Studio One Good For Mastering?

If you are looking for a DAW software that can take you from the beginning to the end of a project you may be wondering, Is Studio One Good For Mastering? The Answer is YES.

Studio One Professional has the ability to not only help you get your creative juices flowing to get your projects off to a great start you also have the ability to master your projects right inside of Studio One Professional.

Studio One Professional is the only DAW that links songs and stems with finished, mastered Projects.

Transfer mixes or mixed stems to the Project page for mastering—but if you hear anything you need to change, simply jump back into the Song to fix it; the revised version updates with a single click so you can continue mastering without losing any previous work.

Songs and stems don’t live in isolation. They’re assembled into albums (or tracks, in the case of stems), distributed online as a collection of files, published as CDs for a band’s merch table, or sequenced as a DJ set.

In all those situations, the songs need to have consistent levels and tonal qualities, and the final mixes need to be taken to a radio-ready level.

Studio One Professional makes it super easy to edit your mastering projects.

PreSonus Studio One Professional Mastering Tools

Simply go into your song page where you created your project, make the changes you need and then save the project.

When you go back into your project page where the mastering happens, simply tell Studio One to incorporate the changes from the song page into your mastering project page.

Studio One will bring in your latest edits and you do not have to start your mastering project all over. Studio One will bring in the latest edits and place them into your mastering project.

Studio One’s Project Page delivers all the tools you need to master your projects, including powerful analysis tools like K-System, EBU loudness, spectrum, and phase metering.

Is Studio One A Good Recording Software?

If you are considering purchasing Studio One Professional you may be wondering, Is Studio One A Good Recording Software? The answer is YES.

Studio One Professional delivers crystal clear sound quality with 64-bit resolution and support for up to 384kHz audio.

Creating top quality recordings takes more than just great software.

There are other things to consider for making top quality recordings.

Good microphones and a quality audio interface will play a key role in making your recording the best they can be.

Studio One Professional will provide pro quality software and can capture, record, mix, and edit your production projects on a pro level.

What Others Are Saying

Direct QuoteSource
“Just because logic, pro tools and cubase are older and more entrenched, does not mean they are better. Personally I find that they are held back by too many legacy issues and studio one is far more modern in its approach, especially to files handling, drag and drop, help systems etc and it really feels like a whole package.”
“Presonus is now one of the giants of Audio Recording and Music Production, with features to match. The advanced Chord Track, which automatically senses the chord being played and instantly makes suggestions as to how the progression can be made even better, is an outstanding feature.”
“The cool thing is that you can move and copy these arranger blocks with drag and drop. This means that you can save a lot of time by working on the first drop and then just copy that block to the second drop and then just tweak the second drop to your liking.”
“It’s a good program and you get out what you put in. Best genre for it? Depends on what VSTs you’re using. PT seems to always win in regards to recording/ mixing music
But it nearly always loses in regards to creating music.”
“The standard for end-to-end production, only Studio One 5 seamlessly moves with you from initial inspiration to full production, final mix to mastered album, digital release to stage production… and lets you truly create without boundaries.”
“Composers and producers usually prefer Studio One due to its user-friendliness, clarity, and relatively wide range of creative features. It is also a perfectly versatile software that can be conveniently used for pretty much any genre of music or style of work.”
“I have been mixing in Studio One for six years now and it keeps getting better and better. PreSonus really listens to user feedback and implements suggested improvements frequently; I haven’t experienced this with any other DAW.
Studio One allows for a very fast workflow and because of it’s intuitive build and design I can easily focus on the mixing”.
“Whether you’re a Grammy-winning producer or just getting started making music, there’s a version of Studio One® that’s right for you. Studio One comes in three flavors: Artist, our flagship Professional version, and Prime, a fully functioning free version.”

Final Thoughts

Do professional producers use Studio One Professional? Yes, some of them do.

The thing to remember is that some professional producers use Studio One Professional in their own home recording studios and a lot of producers and mix engineers are also competent with Pro Tools.

You see Pro Tools in a lot of the recording studios and is more of an industry standard due to file sharing and the professional reputation that Pro Tools has earned over the years.

One thing that is really cool about PreSonus Studio One Professional is that you can easily import Pro Tools files and work on them in Studio One Professional.

Studio One Professional cost less than Pro Tools, is much easier to use, has a quicker workflow, and is an all-in-one complete DAW platform.

I would highly recommend Studio One Professional to anyone who is looking for a great and affordable all-around DAW software package.

If you like playing, writing, recording and producing music, you are in the right place. Take some time to have a look around my website.

Be sure and read my full review on PreSonus Studio One. I provided a link above that you can click on and it will take you to the article or just click on the reviews section in the menu.

I have a lot of great articles to help you with your home recording studio setup.

Feel free to leave your questions and helpful comments below.

6 thoughts on “Do Producers Use Studio One?”

  1. Studio One is fresh, it feels like something unique, this is the Daw you need to try if you want to get out of the “Ableton-Pro Tools” formula. Yes, Studio One is a Daw focused on music creation, but this doesn’t limit it to this field, allowing another kind of creators and artists to experiment.

    • Yes, Studio One is Fresh and great to work with all levels of production.  I especially love the midi editing functions and the ease of use with any virtual instrument you like.

      After you finish your creative and mixing process it’s on to the mastering process.  Studio One is a great all around DAW software and at a great price.  

  2. This is a really in-depth article about the Studio One product, and I consider myself thoroughly informed of the product and its features overall.

    One question I’m left with is how easy this is to use for someone who has never really played around with any DAW product previously?

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Danny,

      Studio One is going to be one of the easier DAW software packages to learn.  If you have never used a DAW software, you may have to spend a day or two learning the basics.  

  3. What are some of the other recording programs?  I personally have not done any research in this area, but I would use the recommendations of a professional.  Can you further explain the drag and drop feature?  I would be interested in learning more about composing and how Studio One can help me?

    • Hi Dave, Some of the other recording software packages (DAW’s) are Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro and others.  I have some upcoming articles on some of the different DAW software packages.

      The drag and drop feature inside of Studio One Professional is very handy because if you want to add a virtual instrument, create a bus, or add the same effect to another channel all you have to do is drag the effect or virtual instrument into your project from the browser page.

      In most of the other DAW software packages you have to do additional steps to configure the virtual instrument, configure the bus.  The drag and drop feature keeps things super simple so you can spend more time being creative instead of trying to figure out technical connection and setup features all the time.  

      If you like to compose Studio One Professional has everything you need to get started.  It’s a great DAW software package and cost less than a lot of other DAW software packages on the market today.

      Let me know if you have more questions.  I’m always happy to help.


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